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Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System
801 E. Jefferson
Phoenix, AZ 85034
(602) 417-4000
(800) 654-8713


Official Program Name: Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System
State: Arizona
Waiver Authority: 1115
Date Originally Approved: 07/13/1982
Implementation Date: 10/01/1982
Expiration Date: 09/30/2011
Summary: Until 1982 Arizona was the only State that did not have a Medicaid program under title XIX. However, in October of 1982, Arizona implemented the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System as a waiver granted under section 1115 demonstration project. Since 1982 the State of Arizona has amended or renewed the demonstration several times with CMS approval. On March 13, 2006 the State of Arizona submitted a "Waiver Renewal Proposal" for its entire 1115 demonstration. The extension was granted for five years by CMS and begun operating in October 27, 2006 through September 30, 2011.


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