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Adam: 8 year-old patient
Adam is an 8-year-old patient. From a much younger age, his mother has felt that something was not “right” about his behavior. One of her main concerns focused on the severe emotional outbursts that he would have over minor situations.

When compared to her other children, she felt that his reactions were extreme and inappropriate for someone his age. In addition, she noted very repetitive behaviors such as his interests in “making lists” and compulsively categorizing things.

This video clip points out:

The concern of parents can be a vital factor in the detection and diagnosis of autism.

The presentation of this patient breaks many of the stereotypes of autism.

In this patient case note:

He is able to show facial emotions and laughter.

At first glance, he appears much like any other child.

In light of her experience with her other children, this mother’s concern provides valuable history for the diagnosis of autism.

Observe this patient’s compulsive behavior associated with “lists” and his monitoring of the interviewer’s actions.

Compare this patient’s limited reciprocity, limited interests, own stereotypical behavior, and conversational patterns with the older patients in this series of video cases.

Clinical suggestions:

1) Pay close attention to the concerns of parents. They can be very accurate reporters of developmental problems in their children.

2) The diagnosis of autism should not be dismissed by cursory clinical impressions or first impressions.

3) Even if the diagnosis of autism is uncertain, the presence of general developmental concerns should lead to early referral and intervention.

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