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Learning Approaches - Relationship Development Intervention (RDI)

RDI is a program based upon the model of Experience Sharing developed by Steven Gutstein Ph.D. The program educates and coaches parents of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and others who interact and work with the child. A primary focus for RDI consultants is on helping parents systematically teach their children with ASD the motivation for and skills of Experience Sharing Interaction. The RDI Program provides a path for people on the autism spectrum to learn friendship, empathy and love of sharing their world with others. People with ASD learn to tolerate and accept change and transition. Clinicians are certified by The ConnectionsCenter to serve as consultants to parents and help them customize and implement their RDI Programs. Certified Consultants use information from the Relationship Development Assessment to develop clear, specific, developmentally appropriate treatment objectives and customized activities.


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Sixty-one university-based centers are in a unique position to facilitate the flow of disability-related information between community and university.

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