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There are a number of resources that are available for families and patients with autism. help a family cope with autism. In this section, we have provided an overview of different resources that are available for the families and patients with autism. Different types of resources include:
Advocacy groups, State by state government contacts, Parent support groups and Local autism organizations.


  • Advocacy
    The parents and families of patients with autism have formed some of the most active and supportive advocay groups of any medical condition.
  • Autism Centers
    A list of centers that specialize in autism research and treatment
  • Disability Centers
    Even if a specific autism center is not available in your area, there may be a center that specializes in disabilities
  • Clinical Examples
    The Video examples of patients with autism that we have provided for medical education may also help families better understand the conditions that they face themselves.
  • AAP Policy
    Policy and position statements from the A AP
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State Resources

Local support groups for families, advocacy organizations, treatment centers, and funding sources.

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Jeff, Age 35