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Video Patient Cases
These video cases present patients at differnt ages with either high functioning autism or Asperger's Disorder that have intact verbal skills. These cases do not represent the many subtypes of autism that exist, but they do provide a look at patients with autism that may have been missed due to their verbal abilities.

Each patient case is downloadable in either a Flash Movie or QuickTime format. Each case is also accompanied by a brief written history and important clinical suggestions.

After viewing these cases, simply complete the short quiz and submit it for your CME credits. We hope that the range of different ages may give you a new perspective on how autism might present throughout the life span of patients.

Patient Cases
Richard: 54 year-old patient
Jeff: 35 year-old patient
Ryan: 23 year-old patient
Ethan: 13 year-old patient
Adam: 8 year-old patient


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Jeff, Age 35