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Autism spectrum disorders have been a high profile condition over the last few years. Recent research reports have found that the incidence of these disorders are at a higher rate than previously thought. In addition, popular news magazines frequently feature reports on autism. Overall, the interest and awarness of autism has increased dramatically.

In addition to the greater public awareness of autism, families of patients with autism represent a very informed and effective parent group. Perhaps unlike any other condition, a number of large and influential advocacy groups exist for autism. Since these families frequently search for information, this section will provide you an overview of the current news and controversies surrounding autism.


  • What is Autism?
    An overview of autism and three domains of dysfuntionin this condition from NIMH.
  • Myths
    Common myths about autism that can interfere with appropriate diagnosis.
  • Epidemiology
    Information and statistics about the prevalence of autism from the CDC.
  • Causes
    A consensus of possible factors and non-factors in the causes of autism from NIMH.
  • Cultural Differences
    Differences in cultural backgrounds can influence a parent's perception of their child's development and effect their interactions with a clinician.
  • Research
    Different research initiatives have formed a number of centers across the country that specialize in autism research and treatment.
  • Immunizations
    The possiblity that immunizations may play a role in the cause of autism has been examined and found unlikely by a number of organizations.
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About half of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) can be diagnosed soon after their first birthday.

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