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There are different ways to help families receive the services they may need. Early intervention programs in states can help provide a patient services before the age of three. After that age, programs may be available to help patients make the transition to elementary school. Once in school, continued support can be obtained through the school system.

Funding may be available to help cover care in medical setting. Appropriate coding may help reimburse care in the office.

To receive additional support, Medicaid eligible families may qualify for money allowed to them through Medicaid funds.


  • Insurance Issues
    A look at the problems that families may have with their insurance coverage for autism (First Signs).
  • Waiver Overview
    Medicaid waivers can be complicated and an overview of each program is provided (Medicaid).
  • State Waivers
    Every state had different waivers, so here is contact information for each state (Medicaid)
  • Education System
    Funding and services may be available to students with a diagnosis of autism (NIMH)
  • Medical Home
    The AAP provides Medical Home and CATCH funding to pediatric practices that wish to provide comprehensive care to children with disabilities (AAP)
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Medicaid/Medicare Info

Contact information and descriptions for Home- and Community-Based Services Waivers in each state.

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Ryan, Age 23